Fitness Audio introduces MultiMic connections to their fitness ready headmics

Unlike standard microphones, fitness microphones require a higher standard of hygiene to be maintained. This in conjunction with the recent COVID-19 pandemic has led many Fitness Instructors to purchase their own fitness microphones rather than use the communal ones provided by their gym.

Although this is the best way to prevent the transmission of germs, it does pose challenges if the Instructors work at multiple gyms. As many gyms use different wireless mic systems and each brand of wireless transmitter has particular wiring requirements, not all fitness headmics and transmitters are compatible with one another.

Some brands use connectors that have 4 pins (T4 groups), and others use connectors that have 3pins (T3 groups). Although these connectors are standard, different brands use different internal wiring of the panel plugs.

Fortunately, Fitness Audio has come up with a world-first solution that does not require purchasing a different fitness mic for each gym you teach at.

Our Aeromic, Cyclemic and E*mics now include MultiMic connections. This means that all our mics will work in the matching T4 and T3 transmitters. To put it simply, if the plug fits, the mic will work.

We have tested our MultiMic connections thoroughly in-house and have already undergone trials with Fitness Instructors using them in their gyms. After 6 months with no issues and a firm tick of approval, we are pleased to share our new innovations with our pro audio dealers!

For more information, contact Andrew Zarounas at Fitness Audio Distributors in Sydney.
Ph: 02 8399 1052