Aeromix 3+5LS Mixer
Aeromix 3+5LS Mixer
Aeromix 3+5LS Mixer
Aeromix 3+5LS Mixer

Aeromix 3+5LS Mixer

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Our new top of the range Voice over Music Stereo Mixer has more set and forget features than ever!

Combi Mic Inputs: The latest version also features Combination Mic Inputs. These Combi mic sockets accept a 6.35mm Jack plug (unbalanced or balanced) in the centre of the socket. They will also accept a balanced line XLR cable from the Mic Out socket found on the majority of quality wireless mic receivers. Balanced line inputs are less susceptible to noise and interference. Visiting “special event” instructors with their own mic systems can walk up, power up, plug a jack lead into the front panel, turn Mic Vol. 2 up and they’re ready to start!

5 Stereo Music Inputs: The first is a front panel jack socket that uses our exclusive iJax 6.35 to 3.5mm cable for access to a phone’s output. Then there are 3 standard RCA type inputs on the back plus our exclusive BGM input. Use the BGM input for either Virtual Classes audio or the club’s background music when classes are done. The neat thing about this input is the volume is governed by a rear mounted screw pot. The front volume control does not operate this input. Unsupervised members cannot turn up the volume of the BGM input any louder than the original setting.

Master Volume Control: An exclusive feature of the Aeromix 3+5LS is the Master Volume Control located on the back panel. So now your technician can set the volume when they hook it up so in theory your system will only go as loud as the Master Volume Control lets it!

Sound Limiting: A new feature is our Audio Slap limiting circuit. It delivers a -15dB music volume cut. You set it to activate at a chosen level using the Red LED on the front panel as a visual “overload” indicator. There's a screw pot “Ceiling” control to change the limiting point.

Zoom Sound Ready! The Aeromix 3+5LS contains a new A>D Converter board and a USB Type B output for connection directly to a computer. It will take your Voice over Music mix and feed it into your computer for simultaneous Zoom classes.

Combine it with our new dual channel Fitness Audio DX6 Digital Wireless package and 2 instructors can work together miked up through the 3+5LS

Quick Look:
  • 3 Mic inputs - TRS (front) 2 x XLR Combi (rear)
  • 5 Music inputs - (4 pair) RCA on rear, (1) 1/4” TRS in front
  • 4 TRS outputs (1 pair) 1 Volt L&R, +Mono/Subwoofer option 
  • MOM (Music Only Monitor) Output
  • Inbuilt Sound Limiting option
  • Master Volume on rear panel - recessed
  • Inbuilt selectable and adjustable -15 db music ducking
  • Rack mountable - 1 Rack Space
  • iJax Connection Cable included
  • 24V power supply for the quietest fitness mixer on the market!
  • Heavy duty knobs and pots for rust prevention
  • EVAC Link - where required by code

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